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Noriko DeWitt

Noriko DeWitt is an award-winning colored pencil artist who first began her journey in art with oil and acrylic as a teenager. Born in Japan, Noriko spent her youth living overseas where she developed a love and appreciation of global cultures, art and music. Her artwork has been recognized both locally and internationally for its attention to detail, realism and creative composition style. She has been actively sharing her knowledge and techniques through art classes, art publications and online tutorials, encouraging and inspiring fellow artists from around the world. Her work can be viewed at her website, and on Facebook at Noriko's Art Page. Many of Noriko's work and tutorials are featured in leading art publications. To contact or for more info, please email Noriko at or use contact form.

Find Noriko on Social Media! 

YouTube: @Noriko DeWitt

Facebook: @NorikoDeWittArt

Instagram: @NorikoDeWitt


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Book Collage 2017

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