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Jennifer Hale

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Jennifer Hale is a life-long learner and insatiable maker. With a background in education, she taught ESL for several years and currently homeschools her three kids, but there has always had to be room for art. The seed for pottery was planted many years ago in a college pottery class, but she didn’t return to it until taking a class with her daughter at the McKinney Art House. Now she is doubly blessed in having the opportunity to share what she loves with others so they, too, can enjoy creating with clay


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.Believing that art can make us more grounded and compassionate toward ourselves and others, Jennifer fosters an atmosphere of support, exploration and fun. She encourages her students to embrace the challenge of learning new skills while enjoying the process of creating.

Students will develop skills based on their interests for both throwing on the wheel and hand building to make functional and decorative pieces.

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