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Iwona Staszewski


I teach art classes for 11-adult and 6-11 years old

Take the step in your artistic journey. With Iwona's classes, you can explore a range of art topics, from drawing to painting. Whether you’re looking for art classes for beginners or you’re already an experienced artist, you can take your skills to the next level. Professional instruction, individual projects as well an encouraging and relaxing atmosphere, will lead you to success.
Classes are small and space is limited to provide individual attention to each student. Classes for adults as well as children are available.



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For class openings, private lessons, or try out a class

please contact

or text 469-454-8555


Iwona graduated from a Teacher's College in Poland, Europe. She was teaching children for several years until she moved to the USA. She got her degree in Graphic Design at the Collin County Community College. Fulfilling her passion, she studies art with different mentors that inspire her work even more. Her passion is teaching art which she fulfills through her work and creating art projects. Her art sells online to clients all over the world. You can check out her Online Store.

Iwona's artwork has been featured on the front covers of several published books. Additionally, thanks to Ivona's art mentorship, her students have excelled in their talents and even achieved awards at local and state levels. 

"This is a great place for all types of art as it has several options for my daughter and has various options for adults as well. My daughter has been going there to take Iwona's painting class regularly for over 3 years now and my daughter loves going there. Her artwork now has won her several awards at school( ISD) and other art events." - Jayant Panicker

"My daughter LOVES Miss Iwona, and so do I! She is a warm, kind, inspiring, patient, supportive, fun art teacher. She always provides a great environment for kids to feel happy and safe to explore their inner artist, allowing them to blossom their creative impulses into powerful works of art. There's lots of variety in projects, subjects, materials within the context of really teaching the kids how to illustrate (drawing and painting mainly). I highly recommend trying out a class with Miss Ivona if your child is wanting to do more art."-Gemma Eisenberg

"Our daughter absolutely loves coming here! Ms. Ivona is wonderful! She is patient, kind, and has a passion for art that is contagious. Our daughter's art skills have grown tremendously over the past few years that she has been her teacher. We would highly recommend her for those that are looking to start their art journey!"-Sarah Kowatch

My granddaughter has been an art student of Ms. Ivona's for several years and always looks forward to class each week. Ms. Ivona is passionate about art and teaching. Her active engagement with Clara has helped Clara approach her art with greater patience and confidence. Ms. Ivona inspires the best in all her students. Clara loves art, trusts her teacher, and is not shy about discussing any difficulties with working in different mediums. When I look at her art projects over the last few years, her ability and maturity in art has increased tremendously. Clara is looking forward to continuing her art lessons with Ms. Ivona!-Martha Heine


For art class registration information, please follow this link at Art Class Registration Info

To contact for other information, please email Iwona at or text 469-454-555


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