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About Corinna Dmytrus

Corinna's passion for clay began in 2010. She began as a self taught wheel thrower and has since learned many other techniques of pottery. Shortly after she  began, her hobby quickly turned into a small business that led her to sell her beautiful pieces at local farmers markets, art shows, and co-op store fronts. Corinna and her husband  Ted both are  studio members of the Pottery barn @ McKinney Art House . 

Corinna's teaching journey began in Colorado  at the Broomfield Community Center. She taught kids and adult classes of all ages.  Corinna's  favorite technique in clay is sgraffito and her passion for clay  continues to grow each day. Teaching to Corinna  is an opportunity to pay forward what she has learned throughout the years. Apart from being a member of the Art House, she is a guest artist teaching workshops at our studio.

Born and raised in Germany, Corinna moved to the US in 1998 and has lived in 4 states. She has a son and a daughter and 3 grandchildren and have two cats.   Corinna and her husband Ted both like to share  their interests of raising chickens and rabbits .

Corinna puts it simply as "I love what we do and I do what we love"


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