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Cate Robbins

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I teach in the classical academic style for ages 6th grade to adult. I consider myself an "art coach".

Have you ever wanted to try drawing and/or painting or do you have experience but would like to take your artwork to the next level? Does your child have a love for art but  wants to learn how to make things "look right"? Meet with award-winning professional artist Cate Robbins for individualized art instruction in small group studio settings. This is a general study in painting and drawing that includes composition and techniques in a variety of mediums. Instruction is based upon each student’s age, skill level, and goals.

Classes are designed to introduce new students to the skills required to accurately render what they see and for the more advanced artist to gain some visual and creative practice in drawing and painting that will enhance any artistic endeavors. The class objective is to provide the "tools" necessary to draw and paint with confidence and to develop within the student the ability to see the world the way artists' see. From there, assignments lead the student to express their own individual creativity.
Supply needs for the class will vary according to the individual students’ curriculum needs. Adults and teens will provide their own supplies as needed for working in class and at home. Supplies will be provided for children.

Cate holds a Masters Degree in painting from Texas Woman's University. She has been juried into local, regional, state and international art shows and has won numerous awards including a first place blue ribbon at the 2016 Texas State Fair.  Art created by Cate can be found in collections in the U.S., Canada, Italy and Australia. Cate paints in oil, acrylic, watercolor, colored pencil and will often combine one or more of these into a single work. Click on the Gallery tab to see a few examples of Cate's work and follow the links below to see even more.

Class size is limited so register today to secure your place.

You may try out a class before registering for a small fee.

Contact Cate at
or text 972-658-2785


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Testimonials from my students

Austin Galletti


There are not enough possible praises in those world to describe how amazing Mrs. Cate is as not only an art teacher, but as a person (5 stars isn’t enough to possibly enough to explain how much I love Mrs. Cate and her classes). I have been taking classes with her for over 5 years now, and I sincerely believe it was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. Through her personalized teaching methods and inspiring work, Mrs. Cate has helped me grow as an artist (and person) exponentially. The classes are set up around your goals in a fun and wholesome environment, so if you are wanting to take an art class, this is the best of the best.


Laura Hornbeck


Cate is very knowledgeable about all aspects of drawing, painting and other art forms. She works with everybody, no matter their skill level, and can guide her students individually toward improvement. I've been impressed over the past year with her help as I've learned about drawing and watercolor. She is a good teacher.


Anu Singh


If you want to REALLY learn art, this is the place to go. Ms. Cate is extremely knowledgeable in art and her technical expertise is great. Unlike most art teachers, she actually teaches you how to draw/paint better. Ever since coming here, I have become a much better artist and I am so grateful for that. Other than that, Ms. Cate is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She is so calm, caring, and kind that you will love coming here all the time.


Jenny Ma


I have been learning art with Ms.Cate for three years now and I LOVE her art classes so much! She is extremely knowledgeable in a variety of mediums and forms, including oil painting, pastel, color pencil, acrylic, and pencil. She loves to make experiements on new things and would kindly share out her knowledge. I really enjoy coming to her art classes very week:)


Magda Dia


What a terrific studio Cate Robbins runs! I have been taking class from Cate for years and i have always found her studio to be professional and fun. I have learned so many things including completely engaged and inspired as I learned to make paper, create realistic sketches, create water color paintings I am proud of and so much more. I HIGHLY recommend this studio to everyone, and I do!


mei-ling liu


I have been learning drawing and painting with Cate for a half year. She is really creative and easy to work with. I enjoy my class a lot and always look forward to coming to class.


Allison French


I LOVED my classes with Cate and so wish I still lived close enough to take them! She can teach absolutely anyone to draw or paint. Her creative teaching approach and eagerness to share what she learns in her own work made classes so much fun. Every week, the drive down the lane to her wonderful farm overwhelmed me with its calm and beauty and prepared me for restful yet engaged creativity in class. Cate's place and person together have so much to offer for every artist, beginner and advanced alike!


Jennifer Blankenship


I have enjoyed being a student of Cate for over three years. During that time she has allowed me to explore my interests and encourage my curiosity in new mediums. I love the interaction with other students in her classes, which allows me to see other talents and breeds new ideas! I highly recommend Cate as a teacher and an artist.


Karen Macfee


Our 13 year-old son has been taking classes from Cate for several years and the growth we've seen in him has been incredible. His weekly art classes are the one thing he has never complained about going to, and if you are at all familiar with 13 year-olds you will know that I can't give a more glowing recommendation than that! Cate gives lots of structure and challenges them to work outside their comfort zones and try new things, but also gives enough freedom so the students get to work on things that truly interest them. We moved a bit farther away a couple of years ago, but never gave the idea of finding a new art teacher a second thought.


Cindy Brown


I am currently taking an oil painting class from Cate. She is very professional while being down to earth. I have learned lots of great techniques and know there will be much more learning ahead. I highly recommend Cate as an art teacher. Her own artwork is incredible as well.

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